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Software Development Online Degree Program Overview

It’s a big world out there and not all of its languages are spoken. We’re talking about languages such as Java, C#, Python, HTML5/CSS, Android, jQuery, Cloud providers, and MongoDB. They’re used to write the software that powers our world and touches just about everything we do.

Software is used to make organizations more efficient and people’s lives more rewarding. It’s transforming advanced education. At 十大正规平台 University, we use some of the world’s most advanced software to create online learning opportunities that are both engaging and interactive. Using specialized simulation software and multiple communications channels, we seek to create an online experience that closely replicates the classroom environment.

Have you ever considered a career in software development, but thought your schedule would not allow you to attend school? At 十大正规平台 University Online, you can build your class and study time around your busy schedule. We offer convenience without compromise. And we offer you the chance to get your degree much faster. Through our year-round, accelerated schedule, you could earn our online Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer and Information Science with a major in Software Development in as little as 2.5 years.


The Computer and Information Science programs are delivered online or through a campus-based hybrid model.

Software Development Online Degree Possible Career Track

Job titles for these positions include:

  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Cloud Application Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Tester
  • Software Analyst


Software Development Online Degree Outcomes

Students majoring in the Online Software Development in the bachelor’s degree in Computer & Information Science program learn how to manage projects, design and write different computer programs, create interesting web pages, use and maintain databases, and install and secure computer networks. Students also learn to provide excellent customer service when assisting customers and clients with technical issues.

Computer and Information Science Outcomes:

  • Use processes, tools, and technologies to support an organization
  • Lead and work as a member of a technical team
  • Apply written, oral, and graphical communication in both technical and non-technical environments
  • Identify and use appropriate technical literature
  • Engage in continuous professional development through user groups, associations, conferences, readings, research, and other channels.
  • Develop and use ethical best practices in the maintenance and security of information and systems
  • Use cloud computing tools

Software Development Major Outcomes:

  • Design and develop secure mobile solutions using object-oriented principles
  • Develop integrated mobile systems solutions to access organizational databases
  • Plan secure mobile solutions with customers

Software Development Online Degree Curriculum

Program Requirements

One of these two course: CIS123, CIS228


One lecture course and corresponding lab from the following: PHY120, PHY120L, BIO122, BIO122L



One of these two courses: CIS214, CIS218 One of these two courses: CIS317, CIS319

One of these two courses: CIS480, CIS490 One lecture course and corresponding lab from the following: CIS435,CIS435L, CIS436, CIS436L


Visit the 十大正规平台 University Catalog for the most current program information.

*For allowable substitutions of arts and sciences courses, see the Arts & Sciences Department section in the 十大正规平台 University Course Catalog.

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